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Everyone knows that light is a particle and that photons exist. No less than Einstein and Planck said these particles exist. The sun creates photons, light bulbs create photons, etc. etc. Nothing is more certain in physics than the existence of photons.

But has anyone ever stopped to ask: how can a 25 watt lightbulb create particles??

In the 1990s, in experiments done at the Sprint Corporation (which were conducted to try to solve a problem in fiber optics), it was shown that the photon theory of light is false.

Using a high-powered laser, combined with the laws of celestial mechanics, it was shown that photons do not exist. We started by assuming that photons existed but the data proved that we were wrong.

But the scientific community was not interested in the truth because they would rather worship Einstein than admit the truth. I wrote a paper about our experiments and five physics journals told me not to even submit it!! Nobody gives a damn about truth, all they care about is to associate themselves with Einstein!!

One reason "scientists" (as they call themselves) don't want the photon theory to go away is that they want Nichola Tesla to be ignored because Einstein and Tesla were at opposite ends of theoretical physics.

Tesla believed light was a wave through a medium called: aether or ether. Einstein believed light was a particle. Everyone knows light has both wave and particle properties, so what is light? The experiment at Sprint proved Tesla was right.

Also, in 1925 the first American Nobel Prize winner in physics, Albert Michelson, proved that light is a wave.

But there is more to this debate than just lightwaves. There is also money involved. You see, Tesla was also transmitting energy via the ether. In other words, he was offering the world free energy. This did not make the money-powers (i.e. the ultra-rich who fund much physics research) very happy. Any scientist who supports Tesla may put their funding at risk.

So how did we prove photons don't exist? In 1990-1991 I did a series of experiments (at the Sprint Corporation) which proved that lightwaves do not follow the laws of celestial mechanics on the surface of the earth. Over a 24-hour period my laser should have created an ellipse on the target. But I got a "dot" instead.

Both Michelson and myself, using vastly different experimental techniques, proved that there is a "balloon" of ether which is entrained to the earth. This "balloon," called "ether drag," is the only way to explain the data in our experiments. In other words, the laws of celestial mechanics should apply to the behavior of light on the surface of this earth, but they don't!!

Did you know that Einstein's 1920 version of special relativity is nothing but a mathematical model of "ether drag?"

But there is more to it than that. The Special Theory of Relativity is true BECAUSE of the ether. If one object is traveling faster than another object, relative to the ether, then it will incur more resistance than the other object (relative to the aether) and thus will experience slower "time." In fact, the Special Theory of Relativity is nonsense without the ether!!!

No one else has offered a physical reason for why the Special Theory of Relativity is true.

Orthodox physics HATES Nichola Tesla because Tesla could create free energy plus Tesla was vastly smarter than Einstein!!! When I did an experiment at Sprint Corporation (this was more than 40 years ago) that proved aether (or ether) existed, FIVE PHYSICS JOURNALS TOLD ME NOT TO EVEN SUBMIT MY ARTICLE!!!!

But it was inevitable that someone else would detect the aether. Well, someone else discovered ether more recently. However, he did not use the word "tesla" or the word "aether" so he won a Nobel Prize in physics for detecting "Higgs Boson" which is nothing but aether under a new name!!!

What a world we live in!!! Scientists over and over again reject Tesla and will take anything else as a substitute!!!

Here is an excellent website providing a high-level view of Tesla's genius:
Website of Many of Tesla's Contributions

Major Problems With Another Bogus Science - The Theory Of Evolution

Let us change the subject and talk about the theory of evolution. Did you know that there are many people who consider the theory of evolution to be scientific nonsense? Do you know why?

The reason is that there are many problems with the theory of evolution:
1) The discovery of DNA in 1953 proved the theory of evolution could not be true because you can NEVER increase intelligence with randomness and the theory of evolution is pure randomness,
2) Evolution is riddled with assumptions, not facts,
3) A great deal of data which challenges evolution is ignored,
4) Credit is given for evolution where in fact there is no evidence for giving this credit, and
5) Evolution seems to be nothing but wishful thinking by atheists who wish the theory of evolution was true.

Here is the link to by far the best anti-evolution website on the Internet!!!!!:
Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective

Physics and evolution are just two examples where people who think "outside the box" are ignored.

In the media and in school, students are taught to ridicule people who think "outside the box." You are not taught that there are many very intelligent people who disagree with many of the things you are taught in school. While you may think you understand why they are "outside the box," and why these "crackpots" should be ignored, in reality you probably don't have a clue what they think, and more importantly, why they disagree with the things you are taught.

Would you like to know what is really going on "outside the box" in three different fields of science and mathematics? If so, this is the website for you.

This website will discuss three very diverse topics:
1) Theoretical physics (nature of light, special theory of relativity),
2) Theoretical mathematics (i.e. transfinite set theory), and
3) The theory of evolution.

There are four free eBooks are on this website, one on the subject of physics and one on transfinite set theory (i.e. mathematics).

1) About the free Physics eBook: The Detection of Ether

Back in 2001 I was working for the Sprint Corporation. Sprint, as you may know, is a fiber optics communications company. We had a technical problem in fiber optics called "wander and jitter."

I came up with a theory as to what caused "wander and jitter" and then proposed an experiment to prove I was right. I gave a presentation to Sprint's Chief Scientist and offered two theories which my experiments were designed to prove or disprove. After listening to me for two hours, he was impressed but did not offer any financial help for my experiments.

Several months later I received an email from Roland De Witte of Belgium. Roland had done a 178-day experiment at Belgacom and had proven one of my two theories was true while doing his research in Belgium (he did not know me at the time)!!

I forwarded De Witte's email to Sprint's Chief Scientist and two days later I received a phone call from the Chief Scientist's department asking me one question: "How much do you want?"

The book on this website is a result of the theoretical discoveries made during those experiments. It turns out that one of my theories was wrong, but in the process of proving myself wrong, I made two massive discoveries in theoretical physics.

The experiments at Sprint Corporation, which can now be easily replicated by any high school physics class with today's advances in inexpensive laser technology, proved conclusively that light is a wave.

Unfortunately, one of the things I learned is that the experiment should be done at least 50 feet underground so the platform the laser is sitting on does not move 1 mm due to heat expanding the pavement or ground the platform is sitting on. So doing the experiment is not as simple as I make it sound.

Of course, if light is a wave, there must be a "medium" for light to vibrate. That medium is "ether," which is commonly spelled "aether," a substance which fills the Universe.

Nikola Tesla was a big supporter of ether. Much of Tesla's research assumed the existence of ether.

Einstein, on the other hand, was a big proponent that light was a particle, called photons.

What my experiments proved was that light, on the surface of this earth, does not obey the laws of celestial mechanics!! In other words, what I proved is that there is some kind of "balloon" which travels with our earth as our solar system travels towards the constellation Leo. Remember, any high school or college physics class can replicate my experiment for less than $100.

But if there is a balloon which "holds" light, then the particle theory of light must be wrong and the ether theory of light must be right. Not only that, but "ether drag" was also detected by Nobel Prize winner Albert Michelson in 1925. Michelson was ignored because 2 or 3 years earlier Einstein had been deified by the media. Most likely Einstein had been deified by the media because Tesla was close to perfecting a way to create "free energy" and the energy companies and banks were not happy about that.

But if "ether drag" exists, then ether exists. Tesla Physics was correct!!

The physics book also provides a far more elegant explanation for Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity than has previously existed. In fact, Einstein's 1920 version of the Special Theory of Relativity is really nothing but a mathematical model of ether drag!!! Ether actually provides the causality to explain why Einstein's 1920 version of relativity is mathematically correct!! Without aether, there is no causality for Einstein's special relativity.


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The Book: "The Detection of Ether"
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  Chapter 1: Overview
  Chapter 2: The Stanford Linear Accelerator Experiment
  Chapter 3: The Hafele-Keating Experiment
  Chapter 4: The Anemometer Metaphor
  Chapter 5: What Does the Hafele-Keating Tell Us
  Chapter 6: The Moving Target Laws
  Chapter 7: Secular Aberration
  Chapter 8: My First Experiment
  Chapter 9: My Second Experiment
  Chapter 10: Lunar Laser-Ranging Experiments
  Chapter 11: The Photoelectric Effect, the Compton Effect, and Blackbody Radiation
  Chapter 12: Is the Speed of Light a Constant
  Chapter 13: General Relativity and the Ether
  Chapter 14: Aberration and Ether
  Chapter 15: Atmospheric Refraction and Ether
  Chapter 16: The De Witte Effect
  Chapter 17: An Article on Tesla
  Appendix A - Replicating the Kehr Experiments

Note: Roland De Witte's original website, which discussed his magnificent experiments, no longer exists, but I have mirrored it on this website.
Roland De Witte - Roland DeWitte - Website (Mirror: Original site has been shut down)

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2) About the free Mathematics eBook:
Hinged Sets and the Answer to the Continuum Hypothesis

Cardinality, in theoretical mathematics, is a concept of the "size" of sets. The Continuum Hypothesis is about the "size" of R (the real numbers between 0 and 1) versus the "size" of N (the natural numbers).

The Continuum Hypothesis itself assumes R is uncountable. It does not ask the question as to whether R is countable, rather it asks the question: Is there some set which has a "size" between R and N.

It turns out that the proof that R is larger than N is flawed. A counterexample to the proof that R is uncountable is given in the eBook. I essentially design a special set which is known to be countable, and then using the technology of diagonalization prove the set is uncountable.

It turns out that R and N are the same size. There are two proofs in the eBook that R and N are the same size.

This free eBook contains the proofs that R is countable:
Hinged Sets and the Answer to the Continuum Hypothesis
Addendum on Turing Machines

3) More Comments About The Theory of Evolution

There are many young scientists who have been taught to believe that evolution is a scientific fact and that all true scientists should be evolutionists. While this may be the current state of affairs, it turns out that the theory of evolution is mathematical nonsense.

If you were walking in the woods and suddenly came over a hill and saw a brand new Cadillac which had its engine running and its lights on and its flashers blinking, you would know that the trees were made by Mother Nature, but the Cadillac was made by General Motors.

Prior to the discovery of DNA, the theory of evolution was not living up to its hype. To be specific, the gradualism predicted by Darwin failed to be discovered and the transitional species were more a figment of people's imagination than something paleontologists had found.

According to the book: Darwin's Enigma, the theory of evolution was dying a slow death.

With the discovery of DNA, in 1953, there should have been a massive shift in emphasis to a mathematical analysis as to whether natural selection and random mutations of nucleotides could have created millions of unique species.

In fact, in 1966 at the Wistar Symposium, evolutionists and non-evolutionists agreed the probability of the theory of evolution was nonsense. And this was back in the days when only 2.5% of human DNA was considered to be important!!

Now scientists know that over 50% of human DNA is important, and anyone who can see a trend will conclude that probably all of human DNA has a purpose.

Scientists today, instead of looking at the mathematics of DNA (i.e. evolution) still use nineteenth century morphology and homology to "prove" the theory of evolution.

The reason is obvious, there are too many skeletons in the closet to talk about mathematics and evolution.

Evolution today is given credit for all discoveries in biology and genetics. However, there is no proof for one shred of the claims.

In the two books I have written, I demonstrate that the problems with the theory of evolution go much deeper than simple probability. Several new concepts in the analysis of how evolution had to have happened render the theory of evolution as mathematically impossible.

Here is the link to the massive website which totally destroys the theory of evolution:
Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective

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Here is a brief biography of myself (and my email address):
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