About R. Webster Kehr

Webster Kehr was born on October 7, 1946 in Jefferson City, Missouri (USA). He is married to the former Marit Olaug Liset (Norway). Marit is retired and spends her time doing Norwegian genealogy. They have 7 children and 16 grandchildren!! They live on 6 acres in eastern Kansas.

Webster is an ex-Marine (i.e. U.S. Marine Corps) and Viet Nam veteran. After the military he served for two years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Their website: www.mormon.org). After his mission he graduated twice from Brigham Young University, first in mathematics, then in accounting.

Webster has been the Vice President-Finance of an insurance company and the Vice President-Project Manager of a market research company. Currently, he is a cancer researcher with the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Webster also has a major website on the subject of alternative cancer treatments:
Cancer Tutor Website

Here is my email address:
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