ABSTRACT. and HISTORY (clic here to understand why EINSTEIN IS WRONG !)


With the hypothesis that the ether exists without to be carried along (with light) by matter, the time dilation phenomenon of a simple clock built with waves is demonstrated.By chance, the wave structure of this clock is accompanied of a wave which coincides with the de Broglie wave in a certain condition.This fact leads to attribute to the electron in motion a unique wave structure which permits to prove the validity of the Fitzgerald and Lorentz classical hypothesis(1892) of the real contraction of matter in motion.Thus, a new, non-paradoxical, space-time theory may be worked out and which permits to account of the results of the experiments which have been performed to test the " validity " of the Einstein's special and general relativity theories but also of the results of other experiments that the Einstein's theory doesn't explain (ether-wind detection). This latter fact, the absence of paradox, the simplicity and the explanatory power of this new theory confers it a clear superiority on Einstein's theories which will lead it to its acceptation and certainly to new scientific discoveries, whose one is already presented here.

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