[Barn and pole]-like paradoxes, logical analysis.



With a very simple new space-time ether theory (GTWMC) which permits to demonstrate again all the good results of the Einstein's special relativity theory and also the origin of the twins paradox, a new paradox has been discovered which unlike the first one, under discussion since 1905, will close the debate about the validity of Einstein's theories. It is presented by the use of a fictitious dialogue, before 1905, between Einstein and his friend Michele Besso.

The paradox.

Michele Besso who knows very well Einstein new revolutionary ideas meets him near a phone booth.

Hi Albert !

Hi Michele !

Michele- You seem fat today, did you eat too much ?

Albert- Yes and due to my diameter (1.2 m) I don't know how to enter inside the phone booth to make a phone call, it is too narrow (1 m deep) but the door is wide enough (1.3 m) to enter partially inside. As I like and need privacy for the important call to the publisher of the " Annalen der Physik " to who I would like to give my agreement for the publication of my theory of relativity, the door must be closed.

Michele- Why don't you use your theory ? If you go to NASA and ask to be accelarated up to the velocity of 297000 km/s, you will be contracted according to the formula: eq21 and for me there is no problem to close and even lock the door when I will see that you are entirely and alive inside. More, when the door will be closed you will be yet alive during eq22 to make the phone call.

(Note: If the reader think that there is not enough time to close the door before the collision, he must note that a flat Einstein and a flat phone booth may be used. For example with a thickness of 1mm . An other good solution is to carry the door with the rocket. In this case the time needed to close it, is zero second.)

Albert- Yes, it is physically possible and I want to make the experiment to be sure that my the theory is true. Even if I die after the phone call, a very important paper, experimentally verified, will be published for the posterity.

Einstein on the rocket at the velocity of 297000 km/s thinks and performs the experiment. Michele Besso waits near the door of the phone booth to close and lock it.

Albert thinking- Yes, I know that according to my special relativity principle if the experiment is physically possible for Michele it must be also the case for me here on the rocket. If I use the Lorentz' transformations, I know that the telephone booth is contracted relatively to me according to the formula: eq23. I don't understand ! , when I was near the phone booth, it was impossible to enter inside and now it is more impossible because 120cm will never enter inside 14.1 cm. More, my brain will be destroyed with 60cm-14.1 cm = 45.9 cm of my body outside the booth and I will never be, alive, with the privacy to make the phone call. On the contrary of what I said to Michele Besso, it is physically impossible. Thus, as according to Aristotelian logic, it is unacceptable to have a physical phenomenon which is possible and impossible at the same time, being intelligent, I decide to don't make the phone call and to die with a part of me still outside the booth without my agreement for the publication of the theory of relativity. A time later after the dead of Einstein, the black box of the rocket must record that the door is closed. It was impossible before because Einstein would have crashed to the door.

Michele Besso has closed and locked the door with Einstein , alive, inside the booth before to die and the black box says that he was dead before the door was closed.

It is then impossible to know the true story of the life of Einstein and to write his biography

Michele Besso, alive disciple, has just discovered the relativity of history. What has appened in the Universe depends of the observer. He knows that the theory of Einstein will be a revolutionary one, all the court of law will be closed in the future due to the impossibility for a witness to give reliable evidence. In fact ,whatever a crime is, nobody knows the truth which doesn't exist in a unique way.

More, the NASA , ESA , ...will stop all the scientific programs, because all the calculations and predictions made on earth may not be right for the cosmonauts in the space shuttle and it is then too dangerous.The NASA may not really know if a cosmonaut entering at high velocity in the space shuttle is alive inside it with the door closed and with air pressure or if the door is still open with the cosmonaut already dead.

We must be serious !

The special theory of relativity of the worldwide symbol of " intelligence " is absolutely impossible because logically :1 and 0 = 0 , " to be and not to be " = 0.

It is also the case for the general relativity theory because Einstein has used locally the validity of the special one to build it.

I can affirm that we don't travel into space-time since 1905 but into the absurdity and that Minkowski, Dirac, Lemaître,etc... and all the physicists which have used Einstein's relativistic impossible theories are wrong.

The true incredible origin of the paradox.

Einstein with the hope to find a set of transformations between two frames K and K',which permits to have the constancy of the speed of light, has obtained the Lorentz' transformations.

In fact, if x = ct, we have: eq24. Unfortunately to obtain this interesting result, the clocks may not be inwardly synchronized in the two frames.

To show that, we make the hypothesis that the clocks in the K frame are synchronized: a unique time t exist in it.

In this case the Lorentz' transformations permit to say that the time t'(o') of a clock at the origin o' in K' is related to the unique time t, by the formula:eq25.

For a clock in x', its time t'(x') is related to the unique time t by the equation:eq26. We are now allowed to eliminate the unique time t between the two relations and we obtain the formula :eq27 witch proves that the clocks are not inwardly synchronized in the K' frame.

In spite of this obvious result, if you want to apply the principle of relativity witch need that allthe frames must be inwardly synchronized to make meaningful physics, in considering that the clocks are synchronized without to be, each time a logical error occurs which is the origin of the impossible mutual time dilation and length contraction which produce recpectively the twins paradox and the one considered here.

In measuring a length of K seen from K' at a précise time t' where the clocks are not synchronized, only one clock indicates this time and thus the two extremities of the length will be measured, in reality, at two different times when a clock near each end will indicate t'.

It is then logical that an absurd result is obtained.


As the clocks are not synchronized in K' according to the formula above, the real time difference between the two measurements is :eq28. In K due to time dilation, we have: eq29 and also obviously: eq30. Now even if we consider that any length of K' likeeq31 is contracted while seen from K according to the formula: eq32, we obtain the absurd result of the mutual contraction: eq33 because the clocks are not synchronized in K'.

What is incredible but true is the total logical incompatibility between the Lorentz' transformations and the principle of relativity and thus the theory of " relativity " has never really existed.


Numerous physicists ( the majority) believe that the use of the Lorentz' transformations again save the paradox.

But in fact, the Lorentz' transformations have already been used to build the paradox and thus if if they are used again, what we do is to cancel a part of the reasoning.

Like in a reductio ad absurdum of plane geometry, where a doubtfull hypothesis is considered to be false when an absurdity has been obtained, and where nobody tries to cancel the absurdity in removing one part of the reasoning, we are not allowed to use the " relativity of simultaneity " to save the paradox because it is the Lorentz' transformations already used.

The relativity of simultaneity is simply the relativity of the lack of synchronism of the clocks that Einstein has obtained necessarily in order to have the fictitious isotropy of the speed of light but clearly in contradiction with the principle of relativity.

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