Conclusion and acknowledgements.

The experiment needs to be performed again but this time with the goal to measure really the ether-wind velocity vector. I have a new idea of an experiment for that which doesn't need even an atomic clock, but needs money to buy 6 km of coaxial cable.

I am very grateful to J. Tamborijn, the Engineer Cerfontaine and particularly to the Engineer and Executive Director B. Daspremont, all from the common Metrology, Fiber Optics and Transmission Laboratory of Belgacom in Brussels for the free use of the six caesium atomic clocks, the comparators, the recorder and the underground lines. Special thanks also go to Paul Pâquet, Director of the Royal Observatory of Belgium for fruitfull explanations and for the documentation provided about the realization of UTC in Belgium.Finally, I would like to congratulate Alan Pendleton for its good Web site: " Was Einstein Right ? " and to thank him for numerous interesting discussions on the Internet in the sci.physics.relativity NewsGroup like also with others including even full SRians: Tom Roberts, John Anderson, Paul Andersen, etc...


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