Gravity theory....Internal conversion of energy.

The theory is more than descriptive and is probably the first serious explanation of what gravity is, especially if it is in agreement with all the well-known phenomenons erroneously considered to be in favour of the General Relativity theory (as logically impossible as SR).

The derivations are so simple, that we may ask ourself, why more than 300 years have been needed to understand the origin of gravity since its discovery by Newton and published in 1687.


0. The interesting hypothesis for the theory.

I. Light speed variations around dense objects.

II. Reminder of the wave structure of the electron.

III. Motion equation under gravity (free fall).

IV. Derivation of the principle of equivalence.

V. Important discovery for the stability of a steady-state Universe.

VI. Relation with the motion equation without gravity (electron theory).

VII. Motion equation for light.

VIII. " Missing " mass of the Universe

IX. Origin of the cosmic microwave background.

X. Origin of the strong red-shift of far galaxies.


I. The experiment of Pound and Rebka (1960).

II. Nature of the Quasi-Stellar Objects (Quasar).

III. The experiment of deviation of light by the sun (1919 Eclipse).

IV. The Shapiro effect of delay of phase of E.M. radiations near the sun.

V. The excess in advance of the Mercury's perihelion.

VI Behavior of clocks in motion in gravity.

VII. The experiment of Vessot, Decher et al. (1980).

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