Ether Links (Tip of the iceburg)

Site Comments
Harold Aspden Long Time Ether Supporter!!
Stephen Rado He Developed Ether Resistance Formulas
Maurice Allais Nobel Prize - Economics - Strong Ether Supporter
Tom Bearden Brilliant and Deep Ideas
Allen Rothwarf (deceased) Online book on ether
Ken H. Seto Author of: The Physics of Absolute Motion
Frank Meno Strong Ether Supporter
George J. Marklin Strong Ether Supporter
Gordon L. Ziegler First Version of Book (2nd Version has corrections)
Gordon L. Ziegler Second Version of Book
ZPower Corporation Zero Point Energy Site (pdf file)
Nikolay NOSKOV Centenary ethereal war (He has other articles)
P.R.F. Brown Many articles on ether
Unknown Several Ether Experiments (seach for: 'magnetic memory')
Institute For New Energy Talks a lot about ether
Zero Point Energy Basically an ether site
Alternative Energy Institute Partially an ether site
Steve T. Cole Golka Experiment - Project Tesla